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About Our Business

AMI Cargo Express deliveries from Europe, America to Asia; freight forwarding with planes, trucks, ships and trains; warehousing services that go beyond just storage, but include everything from packaging to repairs; international mail deliveries; customized and specialized shipping – if it is about logistics, it is about AMI Cargo

AMI Cargo Services is a full service courier company that services the entire Countries in Asia . We specialize in same day deliveries with access to vehicles that range from bicycles for our Asia customers to cars, trucks, vans, and even 24’ Box trucks (with liftgates) to accommodate the largest of packages and deliveries. Swift utilizes uniformed, professional, Independent Contractors, poised to jump into action and serve as an extension of your team to allow you to focus on what you do best. Let us handle what we do best, which is providing the most reliable and professional courier service to Asia. AMI Cargo Services can help you save money, increase efficiency, maintain your professional company image, and create accountability for all your deliveries. AMI Cargo Services serves over 800000 clients in Assia, Europe and America . We focus on serving every client to the best of our ability. We recognize that it’s easier to serve and keep our existing clients, than it is to find new clients. We are extremely proud to say that our very first client, still uses us… EVERY DAY! While there is no industry or package that we cannot handle, we have extensive experience, first hand knowledge, and references in the following areas: Printers - You can provide your customers with maximum efficiency and speedy service without having to empty your office to complete your deliveries. Real Estate - Let us run that document across town for a signature, your time can be better spent in the office. Title Companies - We can handle your filings and bulk deliveries at a VERY reasonable cost. Law Firms - We will provide trained, professional Process Servers with the support of a legal team to insure we are always current on our states requirements. You can be sure we will do it right. A detailed Return of Service is always provided. Gift Basket Companies - We will deliver your baskets the same day in the same condition they left your office, every time. Oh…and for a GREAT price too!! Advertising / Marketing Firms - We will deliver your urgent items when we say we will. Accounting Firms - We can help you during that “SPECIAL” time of year, or any time of year for that matter. Architecture / Construction - We’ll deliver those plans on time. Yes…even to that job site with no posted signs! Medical - We’ll deliver your medical records, pharmaceuticals, radiology film, medical equipment, even blood & specimen samples. We understand and conform to HIPPA regulations. Home Based Businesses - You focus on what makes you money. We’ll focus on the delivery. Office Supply Companies - Let us handle any last minute or overflow orders that fall outside you delivery abilities for any given day. AMI Cargo Services code of ethics: When representing or performing duties for a client, we pledge to protect and promote the interests of our client. This obligation to our client is primary, but it does not relieve us of our obligation to treat all parties honestly. When serving our clients or any other party in any capacity we remain obligated to treat all parties fairly AMI Cargo Services has been operating Across Asia , Europe and America since 1999. Our commitment to serving you has consistently contributed to our steady growth over the years. We are committed to you and to Asia, now and in the future.

Our Team

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